The Challenge

  • Highly sought after location
  • Beautifully presented property
  • Major interest
  • Potential for new suburb record
  • Client did not have to compromise 

The Solution

  • Pre-agreed bidding strategy
  • Client on the phone and family in attendance
  • Cautious bidding throughout
  • Flexible bidding limit


“We couldn’t have found a more perfect property if we tried. We have lived in Aranda for over 40 years and our children have all grown up in this house. They all now have families of their own and live in the suburbs surrounding Aranda, including Cook, where we bought. 

It will take us years to actually downsize and move into the property we had Penny purchase for us but it was ideal, to say the least. We were worried about exactly how much we would need to pay to secure it and as we were going to be overseas on the day of the auction, there was an added pressure of worrying about internet and phone connectivity in Vanuatu dropping out and us losing the auction.

We had prearranged everything with Penny prior to the auction so we had no problems trusting her judgement on the day. Penny’s efforts on the day of the auction were the reason we secured the property. We were bidding against a large number of other buyers from both Canberra and Internationally as this sort of property doesn’t come along very often.

Whilst we were not ready to move right away, we could see that it was the perfect property for us to downsize to when the time came so we made the choice to work with Penny. Penny provided us with information on renting the property in the meantime, arranged a property manager for us and secured the property at auction for a big price, but one we were happy with, and one that was only just over the last bid that was made so we knew she was respecting our financial limits. 

It has been a great, hassle-free rental property in the meantime and thanks to Penny’s market knowledge and expertise we have already seen great growth in the property and have made some additions that have also improved the value of the property. We would not hesitate to recommend Penny for anyone looking to buy real estate in Canberra”


Initial client savings are based on the savings from the actual target price versus the sale price and stamp duty savings. Lifetime savings are based on mortgage repayment savings over 30-year loan term.

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