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Frequently Asked Questions About Buyers Agents

what is a buyers agent?

A buyer’s agent works exclusively for the purchaser sourcing properties that match the buyer’s requirements. Buyers advocates use their knowledge of real estate sourcing and negotiating the best property with best settlement conditions for their clients.

A selling agent’s responsibility is to act in the best interests of the vendor, to exclusively advertise and sell the vendors property for the highest price to the market place without regard for the best interests of the buyer.

Are buyer’s agents just for wealthy clients?

Not at all! We have helped purchase properties that are valued at $350,000 and upwards. The services of a buyers agent are ideal for those who don’t have the time. Knowledge or skills to undertake a real estate transaction on their own.

Are your fees tax deductible?

If you are buying property for investment, some buyers agent fees could be tax deductible. Check with your accountant for advice specific to your situation.

Do you have access to property before it comes on the open market?

Yes, because excellent personal relationships have been built up over many decades with local real estate agents across Canberra. Some of these properties never reach the open market. We can also source private sales with no selling agent involved. 

Are you independent or attached to a real estate agency?

Penny Hyde Buyers Agents are 100% independent of any agency, builder or developer across Canberra. 

Do you offer finance and conveyancing?

No however we can assemble a great property purchasing team from our network of trusted local professionals. 

Do you find properties for Investors as well as home owners?

Yes. Alot of our clients are looking for their next home but as an investor, you also have the advantage of not only Penny being a professional Buyer’s Agent, but also an active property investor herself. We can also manage your properties through our sister company Fox PM

Why am i better off having you bid for me at an auction?

Auctions are unpredictable and can be difficult for the inexperienced to negotiate. We are experts in this field and eliminate all the fears and uncertainties involved in the auction process. Some people prefer to remain anonymous or cannot physically attend so it is often easier for us to take care of the entire process and bid on their behalf.

I’m not in Canberra or Australia, can you buy on my behalf even if I’m not there?

Absolutely. Our office is 100% online. We have worked for clients across the globe.

Should a buyers agent have a real estate background?

Yes, most definitely. Don’t risk putting what is often the single largest purchase you will make in your lifetime in the hands of someone without adequate real estate and negotiating experience. Our fully trained and licensed staff are real estate industry professionals with no less than ten years experience. It makes sense to use someone with a knowledge of the industry who can negotiate with the selling agent to secure you the best price.

What if more than one of your clients want to purchase the same property?

Everyone has different criteria when it comes to property but sometimes those criteria can match up. For this reason, we do not take on another client who is purchasing with the same requirements as an existing client. 

Do you get kickbacks from developers or agents when you buy their properties?


How do I engage your services?

Simply email Penny through our contact form above or call Penny on 0408237 493 to get started. It’s that simple.